Rwanda Artisans

  • Meet Chantare

    Chantare Chantare is one of our dedicated artisan weavers. She has been weaving for many years, and has a lot of experience and skills in basket we...
  • The Artisans. Meet the weavers from Rwanda

    Our Rwandan artisans come from the Ruhango District in the Southern province. Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda's natural beauty is woven into these baskets and each basket tells a story of hope, peace, and unity. One cannot talk about Rwanda without thinking about the genocide that took countless lives and left many displaced. Our artisans' women have their personal stories, but they do not let what happened in the past define their future. Having lived through this tragedy, they have chosen to weave a better story for themselves, their family, their community. This group of fifteen women are incredible mothers, wives, widows, sisters, daughters. They're a community. Basket weaving is a cultural tradition passed from generation to generation, from mother to daughter. Each basket is handcrafted with love and brings a personal touch to your home. Your purchase helps inspire the lives of these fifteen women and their community.

    Our artisan women include;

    1. Craudune 
    2. Odette 
    3. Justine 
    4. Suzana 
    5. Craudune 
    6. Fransine 
    7. Odette 
    8. Seraphine
    9. Chantare 
    10. Liriane 
    11. Jesephine 
    12. Providance
    13. Stephania 
    14. Oliva 
    15. Alphonci